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I graduated from Gazi University in 2012 and started working as an R&D Specialist in powder metallurgy and advanced ceramics. In this job, I supported product development and developed reaction bonded processes for Boron Carbide-based ceramics and advanced composites for armoring applications. Also, I developed an R&D tracking system with a Web-Based Application (PHP) in a local server.

Between 2014 and 2017, I have worked as a Tax Inspector at the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Tax Audit Board (TAB). My responsibilities in TAB are tax auditing, inspection, and investigations, also performing researches and surveys on issues such as economics, finance, business administration, and financial supervision.

During my four years as a Tax Inspector, I have often prepared tax auditing reports using general accounting and financial statements. My works have been well-developed and detail-oriented to express the correct tax and law. In addition to the individual inspections, I also conducted group work on sectoral reports and presentations.

After, I carried out the TYS Project. It deals with follow-up administrative and financial affairs of the TAB and is related to internal audit processes. This program started in the 2019 budget of the TAB and, it was carried out in real-time (scrum) by considering the appropriation demands. This project does not only facilitates the internal audit processes but also minimizes the risks associated with purchasing. This project was used only in TAB and appreciated by the ministry. After that, it decided to implement in other units as well. For this reason, I started working within Information Technologies Department (ITD) for DES software with more advanced standards.

Since 2019, I have been developing software as a full-stack developer at ITD. My responsibilities as a developer are requirements gathering, design, coding, code review, testing, deployment, maintenance, and operational processes.

I have experience with PHP frameworks in MVC, and I just started writing projects using React.