Tax Expert, Web Developer, R&D Specialist

In 2012, I graduated form Gazi University and begun to work as a R&D Specialist in the fields of powder metallurgy and advanced ceramics. In this job I supported product development and developed reaction bonded processes for Boron Carbide based ceramics and advanced composites for armoring applications.

For the past 4 years I have been working as a Tax Inspector at the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, Tax Audit Board. My responsibilities include tax auditing according to tax laws, carrying out, inspection and investigations, also performing researches and surveys on issues such as economics, finance, business administration and financial supervision.

During my four years as a tax inspector, I frequently prepared tax auditing reports by using general accounting and financial statements. My works have been well-developed and detail oriented to express the correct tax and law. In addition to the individual inspections, I also conducted group work on sectoral reports and presentations which are given by the ministers.

Currently, I’m involved with internal auditing in TYS project which deals with follow-up administrative and financial affairs of public institutions. This program started in 2019 budget of the Tax Inspection Board and carried out in real time by considering the appropriation demands. This project does not only facilitate the internal audit activity, but also minimized the risks associated with purchasing. Project is currently in its final phase, which includes error reporting, documentation processes.