Tax Expert, Web Developer, R&D Specialist

DES & Properties

Codeigniter Framework
Database: Postgre SQL (pgSQL)
Clients: 72500 person
Number of logged in users (Average): 750 person/day
Number of requests opened : 50000+ request/year


  • Handles administrative and financial follow-up issues from public institutions,
  • Includes purchasing consumables, internal auditing, and annual budget management,
  • Turkish Ministry of Finance uses this system for purchasing consumables, inventory management, and other applications (maintenance, cleaning, hall reservation, health center appointment system, vehicle appointment system),
  • It contains 15 modules, 185 pages, and daily growing rows in the database

Software Features

  • LDAP authentication support for other institutions to use
  • SOAP web service used to obtain supplier information
  • LAMP (Software Bundle),
  • Cron,
  • Relay Mail,
  • SMS Service,
  • Git (Version Control),
  • 3 Environment (Dev-Test-Production),
  • F5 WAF Integration,
  • Docker Kubernetes

Responsibility: Full Stack Development, Operational Processes, Maintenance

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